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RADIO SHACK "CHESS CHAMPION 2150L" is ideal for any chess lover, from the beginner to the most accomplished. The 32K program provides 64 levels of play -- 16 difficulty levels for standard play. 37 time-controlled play levels (including several that simulate various levels of tournament play), and 11 analysis play levels that let you learn from the computer’s solutions to special chess problems. Pause feature lets you turn off the computer and continue the game later -- it remembers information up to two years! Opening-Book Memory lets the computer to respond more rapidly during the opening moves. A Help function lets you ask the the computer to suggest your next move, plus you can take back and replay up to 50 moves. A special Auto-Play setting lets you learn by watching the computer play against itself. Markers let you mark crucial points in the game so you can take a look later. LCD board display.


SKU: CH66544
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