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The unknowns of college, letdowns, heartbreak, and redemption seemed like the themes to her life. In this sequel to 94th & Racine: The Roots of Me, The Growth of Me details the journey of a young woman's path to solace. Nya recalls her life during her eighteen to twenty-eight years of age, highlighting her struggles with earning a higher education, coping with loss and grief, being a single parent to a son, and loving the wrong man. Nya struggles to deal with the burden that mental illness and immaturity have on her success. By making peace with her losses, defending herself against naysayers, and exuding consistent transparency, Nya prevails, leading her to unstoppable heights. 94th & Racine: The Growth of Me will take readers backstage, illustrating how one can lose focus, lending energy to dead-end situations. It will give insight to the dynamics that some college students face when they leave home and step away from what's familiar to them. Readers will be inspired and encouraged as they learn how self-discipline, taking responsibility, and letting go can be essential factors in being grown. It's a great read for others who were told they can't, when in fact they can.


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