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The game board is Planet Earth. The year is 2005 and beyond. Intellectual rights has replaced civil rights. The Chinese Players are the new world order. The European players are in a Custer's last stand to survive as they fend off a five pronged assault from the Chinese, Iraqis, Afghan, North Koreans and Spanish players.Without support from the European players the Congressional Black Caucus collapses into ineffectiveness. Black minister/leaders turn, run, flee and desert the front-line.In response to the desertion by black minister/leaders the Spanish players launch a massive all-out assault against the African American residual resources of land, food and water. The 21st century elimination of African Americans has begun.There is no escape for the African Americans as global unrest defines its presence in every ethnic walk of life, African Americans are left defenseless and friendless in the 21st century. Without a friend on the Planet Earth African Americans are left pondering


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